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Shaun Dickie


Shaun is a seasoned professional with over 27 years of experience in Safety and Emergency Response derived from work as an Instructor, Consultant, Safety Professional, Paramedic and Station Commander of integrated fire/rescue and medical organisations throughout Canada, Tanzania, Indonesia, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Papua New Guinea.

Shaun's experience has been gained from both part time and full time emergency services, mining, major hazard facilities, and oil and gas operations.

Training has been delivered to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC), Health Training (HLT), and the Public Safety Training Package (Asia-Pacific PUA) certification to both full time and part time emergency response personnel.

Paul Swale


Paul is an OHS, Security, Crisis and Emergency Preparedness professional who has developed and honed his skills over the last 20 years in strategic corporate planning, compliance, operational management and staff training. 

Paul has provided advice and training across multi-jurisdictional bodies including Australian, New Zealand, East African, Latin American and Middle Eastern Government Authorities; and in each country the local community bodies.  

He is highly experienced in managing, training and coaching high stress industry and potentially escalating situations.  He operates quickly under extreme pressure situations with mounting expectations, using skills learnt within his time in industry, the Police Force and Military.

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eXigency has a strong team of hand-picked health, safety, hygiene and emergency response specialists with military, police, processing and operations experience in both mining, oil and gas (exploration and production).